Parks + Trails

Parks and Trails

Get Outside.

At Frisco Station’s core lies a 30-acre heavily programmed linear park that will once finished provide connectivity to the regional trail system and deliver multiple open spaces, from sprawling lawns to entertainment pavilions.

Currently, Frisco Station is within walking distance of the greenspace amenities at the Dallas Cowboy’s World Headquarters, The Star and has access to the 32 acres of Frisco’s regional trail system, connecting residents, office users, guests and the community as a whole to any activity desired.


The Venues

Parks Trails

Exciting Events

The variety of attractive outdoor venues available at Frisco Station make it an exciting event location. Frisco Green and Civic Green together boast an amphitheater, pond, gardens and large open spaces – perfect for year-round programming. Here residents, on-site professionals, hotel guests and other visitors will take advantage of signature events such as:


Theatrical performances

Art installations





wine events

Movie screenings

Group fitness classes