Health + Wellness

The Picture of Health.

Anchored by an innovative wellness program, Frisco Station combines the ultimate in healthy living design principles with comprehensive, medically-based wellness programming. Here you will find unparalleled medical and fitness resources, experts, facilities and programming. At last, everything you need to get and stay well in one convenient location.

The Elements

Stay Well

A medical and wellness campus at one end of the property and a regional hub for fitness, community connectivity and well-being at the other.

Move It

Miles of foot and bike trails connected to an extensive regional trail system. Get your steps in with our walkable neighborhood and trails.

High-Tech Health

Intelligent AT&T 5G Evolution wireless infrastructure supports health monitoring and wellness-supportive apps across the property.

Education + Events

Enjoy wellness activities and events, as well as conferences and programs in a variety of public spaces and the signature hotel complex and conference center.

Feel-Good Features

Water features and a green belt of outdoor spaces for leisure, recreation, community gardens, events and wellness venues, act as a connective fabric for the entire property.

Spaces for Fun

Performance spaces, picnics, playgrounds, community gardens and park lands are integral to the Frisco Station wellness plan.

Frisco Station Retail and Hospitality

Eat Clean

Healthy eating is easy with farm-to-table dining options steps away at The Star. 

Eight Guiding Principles

The 242-acre Frisco Station project is planned according to eight principles that support Wellness-Enhanced Development

Build an alliance of industry-leading wellness partners

Apply planning criteria that foster community life, healthy lifestyle choices and individual well-being

Create a concentrated hub of medical excellence on site

Apply the new model of outcome-based care to the selection and implementation of community-facing facilities and services

Embed intelligent wellness infrastructure

Include on-site facilities that support leisure pursuits, recreational activities and creative expression

Help develop regional assets that spark wellness innovation in Frisco

Emphasize and offer healthy food options